Honda WRV Mileage

Mileage is nothing but total miles traveled or covered in a given time. To calculate mileage, you have gauge the distance travelled by your vehicle for a given quantity of fuel. This may vary according to the vehicle‘s engine type and design. What about Mileage of Honda WRV? Relax, you won’t get disappointed. Mileage of Honda WRV is extremely quite impressive. Diesel engine will cover the distance of approximately 27 km per liter, where as for petrol engine, it would be 18 Km per liter.

Honda WRV Mileage

Honda WRV Mileage

In India, Honda is going to bring a brand new jazz crossover, which is Honda WRV. It is a new stylish, compact and budget crossover car that’s found to be under construction. As people are so fond of having compact crossover segment, this vehicle may assist them perfectly in the upcoming days. When it comes to platform, Honda Jazz is said to be good. So, new upcoming Honda jazz will offer you stylish crossover together with almost all the new designs as well as features. According to Honda wrv expert review, Honda WRV will give a cutthroat competition to Hyundai i20 hatchback, Maruti Suzuki s-cross and several other mid-range hatchbacks and crossover.

Honda WRV Average

At a very reasonable price, Honda is trying to offer something worth through WRV in order to receive the attention of maximum buyers. Forget about the cost of Honda jazz, as almost everything has been changed. Whole new specifications, new features and new jazz crossover, you would get in 2017 in the name of Honda WRV. You are required to pay about 10 Lakhs so as to take this car home. However, the car manufacturer “Honda” would try their level best to make the price as low as possible in comparison to Maruti S-cross. Those who are looking out for latest automobiles within the budge 10 L can surely get this upcoming car as it will offer them too many good safety features and comfortable Honda wrv interior. It is alternatively a good option for people who are seeking a reliable car between sedan and Hatch. In future, the price may shrink down even to 50K with the intention to grasp the mind of more and more buyers.


Honda wrv engine seems to be reliable. Honda tries to bring WRV model together with trusted engine for supporting better average, which is absolutely the best part for middle class folks. 25 km per liter is the most expected and average Mileage given by this vehicle. For this reason, the vehicle would offer a solid competition towards its rivals, since most of the mid-range purchasers give a lot more importance to price tag and mileage first.

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